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Structural Design + Static Calculation

The focus of our engineering services is the design and dimensioning of glass and facade constructions. Our services:

  • Service phases for structural design according to HOAI

  • Glass design

    • Glazing according to DIN 18008

    • Curved insulating glazing

    • Load bearing and stiffening glazing elements (all-glass constructions)

    • Structural glazing

    • Dynamic calculations / Pendulum impact simulation

    • Special constructions

  • Facade constructions

  • Timber design / Steel design / Aluminum design

  • Cable structures

  • Lightweight shell structures

  • Development and design of construction details

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Expert Reports + Experiments

As acknowledged experts and technical experts for structural glass design, we support you with general expert knowledge as well as within the framework of project-related type approvals (vBG) and general building authority approvals (abZ) / general type approvals (aBG):

  • Acknowledged experts und technical experts for structural glass design (Information sheet May 2015: List of experts in Hesse)

    • Preservation of evidence / Damage analysis / Independent installation supervision / Acceptance tests

    • Verification of static calculations for glass constructions in private order

  • Project-related type approval (vBG)

    • Expert reports and testing concepts for non-regulated glass constructions to obtain project-related type approvals (vBG)

    • Assistance with the application of project-related type approvals (vBG) for non-regulated construction types and construction products

    • Independent supervision of structural-glazing bonds produced by the customer on site in the context of project-related type approvals (vBG)

  • General building authority approvals (abZ) / general type approvals (aBG)

    • Assistance in the application for a general building authority approval (abZ) / general type approval (aBG)

    • Preparation / Implementation / Evaluation of component tests to obtain a general building authority approval (abZ) / general type approval (aBG)

    • Verification of static calculations within the framework of a general building authority approval (abZ) / general type approval (aBG) on behalf of the DIBt

  • Performing tests on glass contructions

    • Pendulum impact tests to prove the barrier function of vertical glazing

    • Drop tests with soft and solid impact body on walk-on glazing in case of maintenance procedures

    • Impact resistance tests with torpedo impact body on walk-on glazing

    • Residual loading capacity of horizontal glazing

    • Testing of edge protection profile according to DIN 18008-4

    • Load tests

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Testing + Inspection Body

As a recognized testing and inspection body, we are entitled to issue general building authority approved test certificates (abP) and to inspect the installation of point-fixed glazing:

  • Accredited testing body (HES30) for general building authority approved test certificates

    • Testing body for glazing according to DIN 18008-3/-4/-5 for issuing general building authority approved test certificates (abP)

    • Load tests on point fixings without ball joint according to DIN 18008-3

    • Pendulum impact tests on barrier glazing according to DIN 18008-4

    • Impact and residual resistance tests on walk-on glazing according to DIN 18008-5

  • Accredited inspection body (HES30) for supervision according to HBO §16 Abs. 6

    • Inspection body for the installation of point-fixed and ventilated wall claddings made of tempered safety glass in more then 8m above ground.

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We support you in the planning and execution of projects in China. We distinguish ourselves through the knowledge of the Chinese building regulations around façade constructions combined with German engineering and planning services. The projects are carried out on-site by our employees in the offices in Beijing, Shanghai and Shenzhen. Our services for the realization of facade constructions:

  • Pre-dimensioning and clarification of feasibility

  • Preliminary draft and definition of basic construction details

  • Technical support for tendering

  • Static calculation of façade construction

  • Independent examination of execution planning

  • Preparation, implementation and evaluation of component tests

  • Documentation of damage and assessment

  • On-site supervision

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